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Prophet Sean Smith, Sr. spent 10+ years involved in criminal activity. Charged with assault, battery, arson and a host of other violent crimes as a former gang member, and drug dealer he received the baptism of the Holy ghost as well as Apostolic covering, teaching and instruction in the Fall of 2004. It was during that time he had a radical, life changing encounter with Jesus Christ. An encounter that shaped him into being who he is today. The Lord spoke to him personally, as well as through open visions, dreams, and prophetic words shared with him by other leaders the unique plans that God had for his life. He listened and moved, acting on what he knew to be the true voice of God. After training and practical experience sharing the gospel in a variety of venues among a plethora of people he shifted his focus towards Leadership. In June of 2015 he was installed and ordained as a Pastor and set to work developing and establishing JUDAH LIFE COMMUNITY CHURCH (JLCC). In 2017, God also placed the blueprint of R.O.A.R. Ministries on his heart and the need for Kingdom Centered Fellowship. A place to create and cultivate an atmosphere of worship, praise, teaching and training on understanding the truth of who Jesus is and the POWER He has released to you. He is often referred to as a hybrid of the Five Fold Ascension Gifts (Ephesians 4:11) that were given to edify the church in operation. R.O.A.R. Ministries now serves as the Fellowship Banner in which multiple ministries across the nation are cultivated, nurtured and sent to the world. Our Motto: WE ARE COMMITTED TO COVER AND UNITED FOR FELLOWSHIP. We believe in modeling the 3 G's of R.O.A.R. in everything we do. The 3 G's are: GATHER the people, GROW their faith, and GIVE them Jesus. We do so by offering public speaking, mentorship and ministry to those in need of guidance and assistance. He is the Author of Destined To Break The Curse The Autobiography, Prophetic Protocol, and 72 Affirmations From The Throne Room. Prophet Sean Smith, Sr. is a M.A.P., which is an acronym for a MENTOR, AUTHOR AND PROPHET.

In addition to being a Prophetic voice, he is the proud Father of four children.


Every speaking engagement is considered an honor to be invited. Thank you for your interest in inviting Prophet Sean Smith, Sr. to minister in your city? Please click below and fill out our Booking Form and our team will contact you soon.

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