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I’m about to run around this house! While talking to one of my true Spiritual Daughters, I began thinking about NASA and the development and building of space rockets. NASA builds their space rockets with specific dimensions and specific parts. But, one part that catches my attention all the time is the rocket boosters. They have their own limited power source, finally some are equipped with an automatic detachment device. Let’s break this down and show a parallel with different relationships you may be in. This will be good…you ready?

They have their own limited power source.

When the rockets are being built to go into space, there is also a rocket booster built at the same time specially for it. The booster has a limited power source. It starts off huge, and loud and then loses power gradually over time until it shuts off. Isn’t that like many relationships? They start off great, you see their potential, you’re working together on rising up, but at some moment it begins to lose power. It begins to lose what was pushing it up. It begins to lose its purpose and eventually shuts down. People will consistently come into your life and through their actions, make you believe they’re there for you. But, then they realize your destiny is beyond their capabilities and they stop working. They stop doing what brought you together initially. In relationships… people will stop opening doors, holding your hands or even telling you they love you. This is the same in business as well. You’ll see the lack of work, respect and honor because they see their time is winding up. Have you ever been told “I’m not getting into this with you right now” and you didn’t even know there was something to be INTO to begin with? That’s an individual who has just seen that there time is short lived. They’re using narcissistic tactics to make YOU believe that YOU are the problem, instead of realizing their wrongs and fixing that. Then they just all of a sudden stop. The booster was built to propel but now it’s not boosting and it’s weighing the rocket down with its weight.


I’M GETTING RID OF THE DEAD WEIGHT ATTACHED TO ME! When the booster stops working it begins to work in reverse and the weight the rocket is carrying is weighing it down instead of propelling it forward.

They are equipped with an automatic detachment device.

When the booster stops working a signal goes to the people on the ground. They see the height, distance and speed the rocket is going at and when they notice the booster isn’t working…BOOM! They push a button (remember that) and the booster is detached without the rocket doing it. I’m telling you this word is blessing me! People who are not functioning don’t like being called out or having their “buttons pushed”. I’ve witnessed in my life and the lives of those close to me this happen multiple times. The moment someone is told they’re in the wrong they create scenarios of others being in the wrong. But, the great thing is there is no integrity in their words or in their lives. They disengage and attempt to make you look bad for moving forward. Here is what people forget about the booster. IT WASN’T CREATED TO GO THE DISTANCE! The booster is designed to fall off at a certain point.

So, what I’m saying is be grateful for the friendships, relationships and partnerships that DID NOT LAST! Why, because they was boost you needed to get where you’re called to be. Some people are meant to be in your life for a lifetime and some only for a season. If you go to any warehouse, you’ll find out that even seasonal employees are important.


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