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I heard these four words when I woke up this morning. Reach, Trust, Release and Repeat. As I’m sitting here typing this I asked what does this mean and what is the significance of hearing this today? I heard this in response in my Spirit.

1. REACH, for what you placed limitations on. Stretch yourself today and believe that you will grasp AND HOLD ONTO whatever you stretch yourself towards. No more disbelief…you will reach out your hands and grab everything you desire with ease. Reaching who you was predestined to be on time!

2. TRUST, If today you desire to see a supernatural miracle take place believe in your heart that it will happen. About three years ago I taught a series on VOICES IN MY WILDERNESS. The basis was this... We hear three voices at any given moment. OUR VOICE, GOD’S VOICE AND THE devils voice. The devils voice speaks to our flesh, God’s voice speaks to our heart and our voice speaks to our intellect. It is in our intellect that doubt creeps in, so train YOUR INTELLECT TO LISTEN TO YOUR HEART. When your HEART (God’s Voice) is leading you YOU can do anything!

3. RELEASE, the burdens of yesterday and step into the promises of today. Release the weights that don’t even belong to you. Because when you release something from your hands you’re able to grab something new. Release it all to Jesus and believe that He will replace it with FAVOR.

4. REPEAT, keep doing these things after today and watch how God excels you.

My prayer today is that you push yourself until you destroy the glass ceiling you may have placed over yourself. You’re absolutely incredible at what you do and I’m believing God is going to use you to be the voice to destroy the glass ceilings others are under.


You got this!


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