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1. Everyone who follows you don’t support you.

2. Some people are in love with popularity more than being in the pure presence of God.

3. Influence and Anointing are not the same and shouldn’t be grouped together. You can have influence to reach people and not the anointing, character or integrity to break the yokes on their lives.

4. Broken seeds plant big trees. It’s okay to cry and be hurt but don’t stay there allowing manipulation and word curses to distract you. Know that you will get up from here.

5. Healing takes place when you realize you’re not always the victim. Made up stories create false images that people live out. Why are you ALWAYS the common denominator but seemingly not responsible for anything.

6. Who speaks into your life determines the length in getting to freedom. Jezebels strength was in influencing others to listen to false prophets over the real Prophets. Her spirit is one of manipulation, control and lies to remain relevant.

7. You’ll be okay, God knows the truth so stop defending yourself concerning the rumors, lies and statuses that have been made to discredit you.


Today, make the decision to focus on building a true relationship with Jesus Christ and following His voice and direction!


Lord, allow me to see the SHIFT you’re leading me into. Refocus my mind from the things around me to you. Lord, allow me to walk with boldness, power, and wisdom. I pray that every step I take from the moment I get out of bed to the moment I get back in is outlined in Jesus! That you see you in every conversation, song, scripture, that in everything I experience Christ’s love. I pray God that I’m SHIFTED into a place of pure happiness, peace and joy regarding EVERYTHING!

In Jesus name,


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