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I’m not arrogant, I’m just guarded

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

While recording the upcoming project at the house, I had this thought. When you’ve been left for dead, lied on, gossiped about and discarded by people you helped willingly, gave money to, paid there bills and saved their relationships…you learn to now be cautious with your trust and selective with your faithfulness. But, even in this… I encourage you to not allow a wall to be created to keep people out of your life. Instead, learn to create BOUNDARIES. According to Oxford Language Dictionary Boundaries is a line that marks the limits of an area; or a dividing line.

This next dimension of your life and level you’re going to YOU WILL NEED TO CREATE BOUNDARIES. Spaces and identifiable lines people know and understand not to cross or they will be removed from your circle of influence. You’ve been through too much the last couple years to go into next year carrying the hurt, pain and rejection you experienced. Me personally, I’ve experienced multiple supernatural removals THIS YEAR. I was talking to a great friend and they said to me… “Sean, it seems like this year God not only separated people from you but exposed them. That they did something so bad or got caught doing something that was so crazy that it showed you their character, integrity and motives gave you the ability to just cut all ties with them with peace and God burned the bridge down so you’ll just leave them alone and not go back.” Listen, learn to appreciate the light that illuminates from burning bridges because it illuminates what you didn’t see in the dark. Every individual that God disconnected me from…He either spoke to me directly about them months prior or sent someone with a Prophetic Warning concerning them to me. I can hear you now… I thought we was supposed to love everyone? Yes, but that doesn’t mean allowing people nonstop access to keep hurting you. Truthfully, sometimes you’ll never see how people really are until you walk away from them. People will think it is arrogance but it’s truly just learning to guard your heart from being hurt.

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