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Cycle Breakers

According to medical science it is the male seed that stops a woman’s cycle. Letting us know that certain types of seed EFFECTS your future. Two different seeds spoken of within the scripture is SEED HARVEST and SEEDS OF DISCORD. For I have given you a choice to pick which seed you sow. You can either sow into your HARVEST OR YOU CAN SOW INTO DIVISION AND DRAMA. For today I place in front of you a clear decision to either speak life or death into your future. Your failures are not your future but they was intersections that put you on the path that you was placed on. The shift has begun in your life and you will no longer be the same again. For after today your life will no longer be the same. For I am here to destroy the shackles that was placed around your neck. Freedom is here and you will walk in the fullness of it. Your private tears just placed you in position for a public anointing. So today we call you up and out. So today we call you up and out. So today we call you up and out. UP TO YOUR NEXT DIMENSION AND OUT OF WHAT HAS HELD YOU CAPTIVE IN YOUR MIND, YOUR HEART AND YOUR SPIRIT. WE SPEAK FREEDOM INTO YOUR LIFE AND THAT A RIGHT NOW MANIFESTATION OF HIS GLORY BE RELEASED OVER YOUR LIFE.

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