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Some time ago I was speaking to my brother (who helps me with financial decisions from a corporate perspective) and he said, “Sean you should get a part time job for when you’re not traveling to cover your expenses.” At that time I was doing ministry from a Jesus driven perspective. Literally, accepting requests without charging a dime for travel, lodging and meals. In 6 months I spent over $9,000 in ministry costs…CRAZY! I looked at a job and began to fill out the application and I heard in my Spirit…” DID I TELL YOU TO DO THIS?” My answer was no and I closed my computer. See, in 2019 the Lord told me after preaching a four day Revival to contact my supervisor and turn in my resignation. I was a New Hire Training Supervisor and I also did Field Training with different reps. I was making a decent amount of money. I was on the plane and heard it clearly and said “GET THEE BEHIND ME satan” not thinking the Lord told me that. Heck, I was making a very nice amount monthly. I heard it a second time and ignored it. As I was exiting the plane, I’m walking on the tarmac and as soon as my foot crossed into the terminal my phone rang. It was the Regional Supervisor telling me that he wanted me to take a break due to everything happening with my father. 6 months paid leave with an option to come back or not...I DANCED ALL OVER THAT AIRPORT!

This walk in ministry truly isn’t easy and it truly is one I wouldn’t trade for anything. To see lives changed, children filled with the Holy Ghost, drug addicts leaving their stuff at the altar, and countless miracles…ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! I ask that you consider sowing into our ministry because this next step is one that has stretched me spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. You can sow multiple ways and they’re all posted on the Give Tab on this app and on the website at When you do, place your personal prayer request and let’s believe God for a miracle!

I truly appreciate you all for your prayers, support and love over the years!



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