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R.O.A.R. (Rise Of A Remnant) Ministries is a Kingdom Centered Fellowship of Churches and Leaders. A place to create and cultivate an atmosphere of worship, praise, teaching and training on understanding the truth of who Jesus is and the POWER He has released to you. Our purpose, is to empower people both spiritually and naturally through a multiplicity of ministries and community initiatives, while focusing strategically in three (3) areas: God, Family, and Community/Nation. We believe in modeling the 3 G's of R.O.A.R. in everything we do. The 3 G's are: GATHER the people, GROW their faith, and GIVE them Jesus. We do so by offering public speaking, mentorship and ministry to those in need of guidance and assistance.

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ROAR Ministries Vision is to be a progressive, Apostolic based organization dedicated to fostering discipleship in the coming generations, granting them access to the inheritance of the spiritual, ecclesiastical, power, and responsibility, conferring upon them the dedications and teachings of the apostles, who in turn received their spiritual authority from Jesus Christ.


To (1) teach, instruct, and inform individuals of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ influencing their lifestyles and behaviors to resemble His teachings, (2) find, save, and maintain generations of people, young and old, and build them into disciples of Jesus Christ through an awareness of his sovereignty, (3) allow an outlet positive and healthy spiritual, social emotional, and cognitive growth, and (4) inspire, empower, and uplift individuals until they recognize and reach their full potential in the spiritual and physical life.

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